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Jobs4refugees is a charitable organisation, which was founded end of 2015 in Berlin. Our mission is to help refugees find work and apprenticeships. The aim is to allow them to partake in our society self-determinedly.

We support refugees with application trainings and workshops, with finding fitting job-openings and during the entire application and hiring process. Our aim is to lower the cultural barriers.

At the same time, we work with companies and suggest potential candidates to them. We support employers with all their questions on employing refugees, in order to ensure a sustainable working relation.

We believe that taking up work is a decisive step towards a successful integration.

Team Berlin

Robert Barr
Robert BarrFounder and CEO
Franziska Hirschelmann
Franziska HirschelmannCOO
Rene Füchtenkordt
Rene FüchtenkordtCTO
Tessa Otto
Tessa OttoProject Assistance
Friederike Löwa
Friederike LöwaIntegration Coordinator

Team Frankfurt

Petra Thomsen
Petra ThomsenIntegration Coordinator
Lisa Schnell
Lisa SchnellIntegration Coordinator