As part of the Mentoring program, that jobs4refugees currently conducts together with Rock Your Company! and corporate volunteers of the UBS Bank in Frankfurt, we had a very special event happening last week: cooking together!

After the recipes have been agreed in advance, the group of 20 mentees and mentors prepared a wonderful 3-course meal:

·  Appetizer: Tabouleh with couscous, chickpea donut

·   Main course: Braised chicken drumsticks in sweet walnut sauce with saffron berberrice rice and pomegranate

·  Dessert: tonka bean cream brulee with mango and chocolate sorbet

By cooking together in the large kitchen in the Frankfurt Opera Tower and during the subsequent meal, the program participants were able to get to know each other even better and to share cultural aspects. We would particularly like to thank UBS for the opportunity to hold such an event in their house.

After four months of fruitful cooperation between mentees and mentors, the program is now in its final phase. However, we look forward to the upcoming joint work and feel strengthened for the coming weeks after this tasty experience!